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Diagnostic imaging services in Denver specializing in spinal injuries and disorders, as well as neurological scans and other disciplines

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Medical Imaging Services

Park Meadows Imaging, located in the Lone Tree Medical Centre near the Park Meadows Mall, is a modern, convenient destination for same-day MRI and CT scans. Our medical imaging center offers a patient experience that is designed to provide clear diagnostic imaging in total comfort and convenience. Our innovative facility can offer same-day appointments for MRI and CT scans, helping you get clear and complete images to assist in your diagnosis.

Why Choose Park Meadows Imaging?

Unlike most imaging centers that can push you a week or more out for an appointment, our center is built to offer same-day scans and imaging. In addition to same-day imaging, our partnership with SpineOne Spine & Sport Center may also make us able to offer a same day consultation with a certified physician.

At 1.5T, our MRI offers superb image quality that may be used for a wide range of medical needs and can help physicians make quicker, more accurate diagnoses.

  • Up to 204 coil elements with up to 128 independent RF channels for higher SNR and speed
  • Ultra high-density coil array for a scan range up to 205 cm with no coil repositioning
  • High-resolution imaging from head to toe with high channel coils
  • Fully digital DirectRF architecture with transmit and receive components at the magnet for true signal purity and stability

CT scans show bones and soft tissues inside the body. Medical professionals can view the images individually or as an entire view in 3D. This type of technology is extremely valuable to doctors needing to make decisions very quickly. Park Meadows Imaging offers the region’s first Siemens SOMATOM go.Now CT Scanner, which delivers the low-dose scanning that is essential for optimal patient care, e.g. in orthopedics. Its technology allows scans of long ranges while maintaining a high spatial resolution.

Combined with SpineOne Spine and Sport Center, we create an option for same day relief from patients suffering from back, neck, and joint pain. In addition we work with primary care physicians, specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists all over the city to provide clear, rapid imaging for their patients in need of urgent help. Ask your care provider about having your images done at Park Meadows Imaging.

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